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Welcome to our site! We do Wedding Venues, Wedding Carriage, Sleigh Rides, Chuck Wagon Dinners

We trust that you will find the information you are looking for here with our horse drawn wagon and sleigh rides. If you are looking for a great Montana outdoor experience, you have found the place. Cripple Creek Horse Ranch specializes in having the horses and carriages for your enjoyment. We give Sleigh and Chuck-wagon rides here on the forty-seven-acre farm. Surrounded by forest land at the base of Whitefish Mountain Range, close to the clear waters of Dicky Lake. We live close to the Canadian border near Whitefish, Montana and Kalispell, Montana where the mountains are majestic and water is crystal clear in Trego, Montana.

Come enjoy the wildlife of all kinds, bring your camera and make lasting memories. As we serve our three course dinner in an old fashioned setting.  Hence the horse-drawn rides it will take you back in time of how our ancestors used to live.

We also specialize in providing the horse drawn carriage rides for people on their wedding day. We will come to your destination all dressed in your choice of attire ready to be part of your special day.

We are offering Wedding Venue here in Northwest Montana at our farm. There is access available to the walk-in basement of our house for the bridal party.We have many options for the reception area. In the backyard, in and around trees where stringed lights work well and the grass is green, or under a tent of your choice. You may choose a wedding carriage to be apart of your package with us. We can provide coordinating tables, chairs, tent, parking, etc.

Dicky Lake camp with RV parking is just down the road, Graves Creek Cabins is just 10 minutes away, and Whitefish is a 37-minute drive away to accommodate your guests.

[check out the wedding video below]


This wedding carriage video will tell quite the story at Cripple Creek Horse Ranch. Of fun and memories to be made at your wedding or other events.

Let us be a part of your prestige entry to the ceremony of life. By bringing our White VIS-A-VIS carriage pulled by the Black team of horses. The Bride and her Party can all fit in the carriage as they go to where all the guests are waiting to anticipate the arrival.

It is also a great way to start your life as husband and wife. Therefore, leaving the ceremony to spend a few minutes alone riding in style to the reception as all your friends are looking on in amazement.

Your guests will never forget the carriage like they might other things you could use your finances for.

We can stay to give rides for your guests as a gift from you in making memories.

[ See Sleigh ride video below]


The sleigh ride video will take you into a dream world of scenery and wildlife. Going up and down the hills and through the forest nestled under a blanket as we glide along. Our horses love to be out going through the forest on the 45 min ride. With fresh snow sparkling as the deer watch us go by.

You can choose to have our three-course meal. At the old fashion setup warm and cozy canvas cabin, all decked out. The smell of home make dinner rolls and apple pie in the aroma of coffee brewing will make any mouth water.

We have a 10 party and a 5 party sleigh for friends and neighbors to have a time of their life together.  Makes for a great gift to your loved ones.

Cripple Creek Horse Ranch is at the base of Whitefish mountain range right next to the well known Dickey Lake.  37 Minutes north Whitefish 17 miles from CAN. border. North on HYW 93 to mile marker 163 on Trego Rd 1 mile to the farm.

We are at 1519  Trego rd, MT,59934 – close to Whitefish, MT- Kalispell, MT- Columba Falls, MT- Whitefish Mountain Resort and Eureka- MT

4 thoughts on “Welcome to Cripple Creek Horse Ranch

  1. Thank you for the book you created with your friend Tricia Goyer. I read it front to back within a few hours couldn’t put it down, only for 30 mins to have some lunch. I have read many stories of the Amish by different Authors borrowing them from my library. They have helped me over the years to grow closer to GOD having been raised a Catholic.

    I don’t like what the world has become and the same sex marriage laws and allowing so much into the schools. I often ask JESUS to come back now.
    Anyway just had to reach out to you Ora Jay and Irene Eash. Bless you both.
    Pat (Australia) I would cherish a ride in your buggy but too far away for me.

  2. I have just finished reading “Plain Truth” and had to tell you how much I enjoyed reading about your life. What was exciting was knowing you found Jesus Christ as your personal Savior. I have often seen the Amish in Pennsylvania and been fascinated with them, but now I see them in a different light because of your story. I have prayed that your families will come to know Christ in a personal way. I wish Maryland weren’t so far from Montana because I would love to experience one of your sleigh rides and dinners. Maybe some day! Thank you for sharing your pain and sorrow, struggles and triumphs on your journey to finding Jesus Christ and the freedoms life in Him brings. May God continue to bless you, your children and grandchildren.

  3. We went yesterday with our children and grandchildren. Was excellent! Such nice welcoming folks, a beautiful sleigh ride. Sledding that is adults enjoyed as much as the kids,wonderful food . Was a very special day. Thank you so much!!

  4. We had such an amazing time today meeting Ora and Irene and experiencing the beauty they have created around their property. The sleigh ride was so much fun and the bbq lunch was excellent. Not to mention a couple of runs down a hill on the tabaggon. We would HIGHLY recommend this. And, be sure to give Gunnar the welcome dog some extra love! Thank you for a wonderful memory!

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