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We trust that you will find the information you are looking for here with our horse drawn wagon and sleigh rides. If you are looking for a great Montana outdoor experience, you have found the place. Cripple Creek Horse Ranch specializes in having the horses and carriages for your enjoyment. We give Sleigh and Chuck-wagon rides here on the 47 acre  farm surrounded by forest land at the base of Whitefish Mountain Range, close to the clear waters of Dicky Lake. We live close to the Canadian border near Whitefish, Montana and Kalispell, Montana where the mountains are majestic and water is crystal clear in Trego, Montana. Come enjoy the wildlife of all kinds, bring your camera and make lasting memories. As we serve our three course dinner in an old fashioned setting along with the horse-drawn rides it will take you back in time of how our ancestors used to live. We also specialize in providing the horse drawn carriage rides for people on their wedding day. We will come to your destination all dressed in your choice of attire ready to be part of your special day. Check out our Wedding Venue here in Northwest Montana at our farm. Access is available to the walk-in basement of our house for the bridal party. You have many options for the reception area, in the backyard, in and around trees where stringed lights work well and the grass is green, or under a tent of your choice. You can choose a wedding carriage to be apart of your package with us coordinating tables, chairs, tent, parking, etc. Dicky Lake camp with RV parking is just down the road, Graves Creek Cabins is just 10 minutes away, and Whitefish is a 37 minute drive away to accommodate your guests.


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  1. Dear Skye, We want to say blessings. If we can focus on the love of God and live out of how much He does love us. Trust that what He says is true about us and not let doubts take root for that takes us away from believing who we are.
    Ora Jay and Irene
    Would love to visit as well

  2. Just finished reading In Faith and I can’t tell you enough how much I enjoyed it and your message. I have so much to be thankful for. The Lord Jesus Christ has blessed me in so many ways, one of which was getting the opportunity to read your story. Thank you.

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