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12 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hello! I’m attempting to enter to win ur book “Plain Faith”. Hope this is the place. The overview has perked my interest in your experiences. Thank you! ;

  2. I just purchased your book and am very anxious to read it. I am so sorry for your loss.

  3. Ora Jay an Irene, Your book an Friendship have inspired me to search for more life an love, what a Blessing you are.

  4. I am reading your book, Plain Faith, and enjoying it very much. My son, Marc Moriva, lived in Kalispell with his wife, Marjory, for many years. He was a very talented musician, well known and loved there. He passed away suddenly in 2010 when he and Marjory were on the way to Death Valley to ride their mountain bikes in the desert. I have been to Kalispell three times to visit them. Such a beautiful place surrounded by the mountains of Glacier, Flathead Lake, etc. you are blessed to have such a wonderful family, to have chosen to live in the area you live in, and best of all to have left the Amish Faith, and to have become true Christians. I live in Michigan among lots of Amish and know their beliefs. They are good, good, people, but blinded by tradition and law. God’s Blessings to you and your family.
    Monna Hilton

  5. I just finished your book. I couldn’t put it down a beautiful story of love, loss and the love of our Lord. So inspired to draw closer to the one and only.

  6. Thank You Monna ,yes we are still amazed to think that we get to live here in the North West Mt. and for your kind words. What an opportunity to serve God by loving Him and People. Blessing your way as well.
    Ora Jay Eash

  7. Both of us just finished reading Plain Faith. Our backgrounds include 2x2s and Adventism. We found your faith walk very inspiring. Your faith progression was much like ours, but you were enlightened much more rapidly. Thank you for your love and honesty in telling your story. We can also see the important values you brought out of the Amish way.

  8. Greetings Ora Jay and Irene Eash. I just finished reading your book, Plain Faith, and I was immensely blessed. It is just amazing how God works. Hearing your story has encouraged me to continue spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to my family and friends. May God continue to work through you both, your children and grandchildren. Continue to live your lives for Christ Jesus and Him alone. Your sister in Christ Jesus

  9. Hi Ora Jay and Irene. Recently I was fortunate to win your book Plain Faith in an Amish Wisdom random drawing. I received your signed copy and wanted to thank you both for this beautiful book. I’m now reading it and just finished chapter 7. I have found this book to be very educational as to how the Amish live. My heart goes out to you both for your loss of Suetta and Sarah Mae. You will all be together again someday because death can only temporarily seperate believers from their loved ones.
    Thoroughly enjoying your book and appreciate the fact that this is a true story , not a work of fiction. When finished I will be happy to review it on Amazon.
    Loved the videos of your horse ranch. Montana looks to be a very beautiful state. It would be a wonderful experience to go on a sleigh ride during the winter months.
    Wishing you both and the family a very happy Easter.
    Shirley Chapel

  10. Ora Jay and Irene Eash. Just got done reading your book. Was also born Amish and still dress amish. God is taking me down a different path. Started a church and preaching salvation. Church is growing only because God is building the church. Bond age is a hard thing to get rid of. So glad for you you’ve found Jesus.

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